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Metal Finishing
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Our product range offers technology that covers the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface treatments. Our approvals.

Should You Use Oil or Varnish to Finish Your Flooring?

A cornerstone of our automotive approach is the global network of certified applicators — known as the Atotech Automotive Applicators AAA program. A totech A utomotive A pplicators. With our global TechCenter network, customer support is always close by. Our expert teams provide first-class support and consultation for every technical requirement. Decorative copper plating solutions for a wide range of applications. Acid zinc electrolytes for high efficiency and greater plating speed.

General metal finishing at Atotech Product overview. Home Products General metal finishing. The right finish for every surface. Portfolio overview.

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Corrosion protection. Plating on plastics. Paint support. At home in major industries Functional and decorative plating is used in all major industries to build better products.

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Heavy machinery. Household appliances.

Basic methods and processes

Heat Treatment Processes. J A Ford. Pages PDF Mechanical Surface Treatments. H J Plaster. Pages Selecting Finishing Processes. R J Brown. The Voice of the Finishing Industry since Products Finishing brings you new product technology, operational best practices, market intelligence and.

Very effective and eco friendly crosslinker for a wide variety of applications. Based on blocked aliphatic polyisocyanate. Formaldehyde free, organotin free and free from co-solvents and any other restricted substance. Aqueous preparation of a modified melamine resin for coatings and prints. Good stability in coating- and printing pastes, especially at elevated temperatures.

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Very high concentrated and effective aqueous preparation of a modified melamine resin for coatings and prints. Very good potlife and paste stability in coating formulations. Needs temperature of approx.

Types of Metal Finishing

Non yellowing. Enhances the migration of cationic dyes Does not block the dye uptake when dyeing acrylics or cationic dyeable polyester Positive impact on the reproducibility of the dyeings Levelling of faulty dyeings ————. Very god dispersing power even in anionic-cationic systems Prevents deposits and smearing of the dyeing units Can be used when dyeing PA differential dyeing carpet fibres Prevents the dyes forming deposits ———-.

Standard Products

Lampin has developed longterm partnerships with the best outside service providers in the area for surface treatment and finishing services of precision components and MITRPAK right-angle gearboxes. PVD is also considered an eco-friendly process and produces attractive finishes with humidity, chemical, UV, and corrosion resistance. Sand-blasting machines are typically employed in projects requiring a uniform matte texture. Paints 7. See our equipment in action. They typically resist heat and chemicals. Plastic media Metallic media.

Nonionic dispersing agent for the dyeing of synthetic fibres and blends of synthetics with wool and cellulosics. Available in liquid form Very good dispersing power Recommended for dyeing acrylic fibres with cationic dyes Prevents deposits and smearing of the dyeing units Good levelling effect when dyeing wool fibre with metal complex dyes.

Wet barrel finishing media line-up

Today there are textile finishes for almost every challenge thinkable. Hydrophobic, anti-microbial and flame-retardant finishes are among some of the most popular for the apparel, home textiles and soft signage industries. For […]. Can you explain your daily tasks, what does your work include? My major role is managing the Funds and controlling […]. We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Filter your search. Your selection.

Finishing Media & Compounds

ACRACONC FN 01 Synthetic thickener for the production of coating and pigment printing pastes Easy to handle, pourable and pumpable Easy to handle, pourable and pumpable Easy to handle, pourable and pumpable Rapid swelling capacity in aqueous systems, even if stirred at low speed Good resistance to electrolytes and hard water.

Can be pad applied during the normal manufacturing process. Cationic action eliminates microbes that cause odour, stains and deterioration. Applications include polyester, polyester-blends, fleece, insulation, fiberfill, foam, leather and synthetic leather.

Readily breaks down in the environment to basic, naturally occurring materials like water, silicon dioxide sand and carbon dioxide.