Early nutrition : impact on short- and long-term health

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Early nutrition and its effect on the development of celiac disease Early nutrition and its effect on the development of obesity Early nutrition and its effect on the development of type-2 diabetes Early nutrition and its effect on the development of allergic diseases Programming long term health: Maternal and fetal nutrition and diet needs Programming long term health: Nutritional and dietary needs in infant prematurity Programming long-term health: Establishing healthy eating patterns in early infancy Programming long-term health: Effect of parent feeding approaches on long-term diet and eating patterns Programming long term health: Nutrition and diet in infants aged 6 months to 1 year Programming long term health: Nutrition and diet in toddlers.

This in-depth volume examines relationships between early life nutrition and long term health. Mechanistic aspects of nutritional programming and its impact on risk of chronic non-communicable diseases are included. Chapters review associations between infant and child diet and its effect on growth, development, cognition and later occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, allergies, metabolic conditions and obesity.

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Les mer. Om boka Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health The nutrition of an individual during gestation and the first two years of life-the first 1, days-sets the stage for lifelong health. Folate deficiency enhances the inflammatory response of macrophages. Mol Immunol — High-dose folate and dietary purines promote scavenging of peroxynitrite-derived radicals — clinical potential in inflammatory disorders.

Med Hypotheses — Genetic and non-genetic influences during pregnancy on infant global and site specific DNA methylation: role for folate gene variants and vitamin B PLoS One 7:e Fenech M.


The role of folic acid and vitamin B12 in genomic stability of human cells. Mutat Res — Zeisel SH. Importance of methyl donors during reproduction. Gestational choline supply regulates methylation of histone H3, expression of histone methyltransferases G9a Kmt1c and Suv39h1 Kmt1a , and DNA methylation of their genes in rat fetal liver and brain. J Biol Chem —9. Zinc deficiency enhanced inflammatory response by increasing immune cell activation and inducing IL6 promoter demethylation.

Mol Nutr Food Res —9. Zinc restriction during different periods of life: influence in renal and cardiovascular diseases.

Child nutrition

Nutrition —8. Maternal high-zinc diet attenuates intestinal inflammation by reducing DNA methylation and elevating H3K9 acetylation in the A20 promoter of offspring chicks. J Nutr Biochem — Vitamin D status and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.

Ann Epidemiol — EMBO J — Regulation of vitamin D hydroxylases gene expression by 1,dihydroxyvitamin D3 and cyclic AMP in cultured human syncytiotrophoblasts. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol —6. Association of maternal vitamin D and placenta growth factor with the diagnosis of early onset severe preeclampsia. Am J Perinatol — First trimester vitamin D status and placental epigenomics in preeclampsia among Northern Plains primiparas. Life Sci —5. Proposing interactions between maternal phospholipids and the one carbon cycle: a novel mechanism influencing the risk for cardiovascular diseases in the offspring in later life.

Life Sci — Variable methylation potential in preterm placenta: implication for epigenetic programming of the offspring. Reprod Sci — Epigenetic modification of the leptin promoter in diet-induced obese mice and the effects of N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Fish oil supplementation for two generations increases insulin sensitivity in rats.

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Epigenetic programming by maternal nutrition: shaping future generations. Epigenomics — Maternal hyperglycemia disrupts histone 3 lysine 36 trimethylation of the IGF-1 gene. J Nutr Metab Development of type 2 diabetes following intrauterine growth retardation in rats is associated with progressive epigenetic silencing of Pdx1. J Clin Invest — Histone code modifications repress glucose transporter 4 expression in the intrauterine growth-restricted offspring.

J Biol Chem — Effects of maternal protein or energy restriction during late gestation on immune status and responses to lipopolysaccharide challenge in postnatal young goats. J Anim Sci — Oxidative injuries induced by maternal low-protein diet in female brainstem.

Nutr Neurosci 1—9. Nutrients The Dutch famine and its long-term consequences for adult health. Early Hum Dev — Transgenerational effects of prenatal exposure to the Dutch famine on neonatal adiposity and health in later life. BJOG —9. Developmental origins of disease and determinants of chromatin structure: maternal diet modifies the primate fetal epigenome. J Mol Endocrinol — Stupin J, Arabin B.

Nutrimenthe – effects of early nutrition on the mental development of children

Overweight and obesity before, during and after pregnancy. Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd — The regulation of hepatic Pon1 by a maternal high-fat diet is gender specific and may occur through promoter histone modifications in neonatal rats. J Nutr Biochem —6. A maternal high-fat diet modulates fetal SIRT1 histone and protein deacetylase activity in nonhuman primates. Maternal obesity accelerates fetal pancreatic beta-cell but not alpha-cell development in sheep: prenatal consequences. Maternal obesity programmes offspring development of non-alcoholic fatty pancreas disease.

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Biochem Biophys Res Commun —8. RNA and transcriptional modulation of gene expression. Cell Cycle —7. Nutrition, microRNAs, and human health. Adv Nutr — Maternal obesity induces sustained inflammation in both fetal and offspring large intestine of sheep. Inflamm Bowel Dis — Maternal high-fat diet alters anxiety behavior and glucocorticoid signaling in adolescent offspring. Neuroscience — Maternal obesity associated with inflammation in their children. World J Pediatr —9. Prenatal phthalate exposure: epigenetic changes leading to lifelong impact on steroid formation.

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Nestle Nutr Workshop Ser Pediatr Program. ; Early nutrition: impact on short- and long-term health. Concluding remarks. van Goudoever H. In this book, a selected group of international experts review nutritional practices and feeding behaviors in infancy and early childhood. They present the latest.

Andrology — Prenatal and postnatal exposure to phthalate esters and asthma: a 9-year follow-up study of a Taiwanese birth cohort. PLoS One e Maternal phthalate exposure promotes allergic airway inflammation over 2 generations through epigenetic modifications. J Allergy Clin Immunol Epigenomic disruption: the effects of early developmental exposures. Developmental exposure to bisphenol A alters expression and DNA methylation of Fkbp5, an important regulator of the stress response. Mol Cell Endocrinol —9. Gestational high-fat diet and bisphenol A exposure heightens mammary cancer risk.

Endocr Relat Cancer 24 7 — Early nutrition programming of long-term health. Proc Nutr Soc —8. Human breast milk suppresses the transcriptional regulation of IL-1beta-induced NF-kappaB signaling in human intestinal cells. Weng M, Walker WA. The role of gut microbiota in programming the immune phenotype. J Dev Orig Health Dis — Molecular analysis of commensal host-microbial relationships in the intestine. Science —4. Influence of early gut microbiota on the maturation of childhood mucosal and systemic immune responses.

Influencing flavour perception and preference in infants for long-term health